Why Lamb?

Perhaps your choice of meat so far was different. Here are a couple of great reasons why lamb should be part of your diet:

  • Lamb meat is tastier, more tender and easier to cook.
  • Lamb meat is a lot leaner and more nutritious  i.e. higher in essential proteins and key minerals than beef or pork.
  • Lamb meat does not hold fat in its muscle cells i.e.. You can trim everything off as they collect around the edges.
  • Lamb biology rejects hormones hence it is a safer way to ensure your meat is clean from chemicals.
  • Lamb loves green pastures and therefore there is a higher chance of consuming a grass-fed meat source.

Why Lambever?

It is likely that you may have tasted and not developed a liking for the taste of lamb before.  Our lamb is unlike any other that you have tasted before, and we think you will be a lover once you taste our product. Here is why: 

  • Breed: Not all lamb varieties are alike. We only choose varieties that are known to be tastier and have a neutral aroma.
  • Living Conditions: We stay away from industrial farms and focus on small family practices that take extra care for their animals.
  • Nutrition:  The farms that we source our meats from pay extra attention to allowing their animals to roam freely and hence follow a grass-fed diet.
  • Animal Age: Younger animals taste better  for a variety of biological reasons, and we focus on animals that are on the smaller and younger side.
  • Never Frozen: It is very difficult to find red meat that is freshly butchered and never frozen. We take extra pride in bringing you the freshest and never frozen cuts.
  • Butchering Style: We are very lucky to have a small team of artisanal butchers that have many years of training in butchering lamb. What you will experience is how the world’s monarchs consume lamb meat and nothing less.